Expert Battlefield Guides and Planning

Tracey Morgan

Schools Tour Executive

TRACEY Morgan - Schools Tour Executive

Tracey Morgan has direct knowledge of the trials, tribulations and joys of school trip planning, having arranged and experienced familiarisation trips, as well as organising inbound and outbound tours around the world. This wisdom ensures that each tour you travel on with Holts Tours will cover every eventuality and explore every opportunity.

Our Expert Battlefield Guides

Our battlefield tour professionals have exceptional knowledge of military history and are passionate about providing interesting, enjoyable and enlightening tours.

Malcolm Chandler

For many years Malcolm was Head of History at a large secondary school in the South East. Now retired from teaching, Malcolm remains the Examiner and Principal Moderator for GCSE History at a major examining board and assists Holts Tours in compiling tour itineraries and unique teacher support materials.

His passion for history is evident in his contributions to the BBC’s web sites and his published works for Longman and Heinemann.

Malcolm Chandler - Battlefield Guide

Terry Denham

Terry Denham started guiding both school parties and adult groups around the Western Front 20 years ago and frequently visits the area on research trips. The history of the First World War and the stories of the men who experienced the conflict first-hand have been a life-long interest.

Terry works with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission every day in his role running the ‘In From the Cold Project’ – a voluntary group specialising in finding missing casualties of both world wars – and has appeared on TV and radio talking on this subject.

Terry Denham - Battlefield Guide

John Grimwood

John Grimwood joined the Royal Air Force aged just 16 and travelled raound the World for 38 years as an Air Loadmaster and Helicopter Crewman. His interest in leading tours began by taking RAF Squadrons back to their Great War Airfields and history.

John returned to his roots in Kent and joined Holts in 1999. Now working on a freelance basis, he covers a variety of tours including WWI, WWII, Aviation and the American Civil War.

John Grimwood - Battlefield Guide

John Lee

John Lee is well known as a writer, lecturer and guide to the battlefields of the American Civil War, the Napoleonic Campaigns and in particular, the operational history of the First World War. He is a member of the British Commission for Military History, an Honorary Research Associate of the Centre for First World War Studies at Birmingham University, and a rank and file member of the Western Front Association, the Gallipoli Association, the Army Records Society, and the Haig Fellowship.

His study of General Sir Ian Hamilton was described as “A model of military biography”. His most recent books are Gas Attacks: Ypres 1915 and Celia and John Lee’s book, The Churchills: A Family Portrait.

John Lee - Battlefield Guide

Chris Perkins

Chris Perkins served in the Royal Air Force for 35 years as a Helicopter Crewman, Air Loadmaster and Air Traffic Controller. His flying duties were involved with the RAF Support Helicopter Force and British Army throughout Europe, the Middle East and Central & South America, as well as deploying around the world on fixed wing aircraft. While in the Service, Chris researched, designed and led bespoke battlefield tours, both at individual squadron and unit level.

Since retiring, he has continued his freelance military research and tour work for commercial tour companies and individuals, and has been guiding Holts School Tours for the past few years.

Chris Perkings - Battlefield Guide

Peter Vince

Peter has guided school visits to the major WWI sites for Holts for many years. His main role when guiding parties is to try and get them to imagine what it was like for the soldiers at the time. He is often asked where his detailed knowledge comes from. The answer is that he reads everything he can find on the subject and then goes to see for himself!

Peter is a solicitor as his day job and looks on his work for Holts as a vocation aimed at ensuring that the current generation carries Remembrance forward into the future. Peter was very gratified to receive a gift from one school addressed to 'Our Honarary Old Boy’.

Peter Vince - Battlefield Guide