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A British Minister for Education once commented “Educational visits and out of school teaching can bring learning to life by developing young people’s understanding of the environment, history and culture, and improving their personal development”. At Holts, we couldn’t agree more.

School trips are an essential part of a child’s education, helping to foster a sense of adventure and allow them the freedom to explore the world in a safe and supervised environment. Many experts say that such tours help to develop self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Such visits can give students fresh perspectives and understanding of the world, inspiring and illuminating the subjects that they are studying. Battlefield tours give them a greater insight into what life was like for the combatants and those affected by the World Wars, allowing students to develop deeper understanding and a greater empathy.

Holts Battlefields & Education draws upon nearly 40 years of experience, a dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts and, above all, a passion for ensuring that all students get the most out of their tours.

In Europe, students are usually accommodated in three and four-bedded rooms with en-suite facilities. Staff members are in single or twin rooms with en-suite facilities. In youth hostels, students may be accommodated in six to eight-bedded rooms, and we cannot guarantee that all youth hostels will have en-suite facilities. In the USA, accommodation will normally comprise twin-bedded rooms with en-suite facilities. Hostel accommodation is an option in some cities.

There are no special health requirements or vaccinations required for any of our tour destinations. You may wish to obtain a copy of The Department of Health's Traveller’s Guide to Health which is available at main post offices, by telephoning 0800 555 777 or online.

The safety and security of your group is our first consideration. In the event of the Foreign Office advising against travel to a certain country, we would act on this advice. However, we do recommend that you check Foreign Office Travel Advice before you make a booking.

Although we take every precaution in looking after both you and your group on tour, the responsibility for your group’s personal safety and welfare and the care of personal possessions is obviously the same as that which is exercised while at home. Extra care should be taken when walking around cities – especially at night – and we recommend your group stay in well-lit, populated areas. It is also wise to avoid carrying valuables or wearing expensive jewellery.

When requesting vegetarian meals or special diets, it should be appreciated that standards and choice are likely to be limited.

Before a booking is made, please be sure to let the school know if anyone in your party suffers from a serious medical condition or physical disability before booking, as Holts Tours cannot provide individual assistance with boarding coaches or other forms of transport, baggage handling, walking or other personal requirements, etc and you should be confident that your child can do these tasks unaided. We are happy to give advice and assistance with regard to the choice of your tour, which will be dependent upon the nature of the disability and whether an able-bodied companion will accompany the person with the disability. Some suppliers may request certification from a GP to confirm fitness for travel. We regret that we cannot be held liable for any costs incurred as a result of this.

Please be aware that information supplied to us for anyone with a medical condition or disability or dietary/religious requirements will be passed to other companies and persons who supply the various parts of our travel arrangements. We will not, however, pass this information to any party that is not responsible for your group’s travel arrangements.

With almost 40 years' experience in operating adult Battlefield and History tours and more than 25 years in running School Travel, Holts Tours prides itself in being specialists in educational travel.

We are committed to the welfare and enjoyment of the students and teachers who travel with us.

Holts Tours – Battlefield & Education are a division of Leger Holidays Ltd & Leger Air Holidays Ltd, trading as Holts Battlefield and History Tours. Forge House, Ansell Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1UN, UK.

  • Try not to overpack.
  • Plan what clothing you will need for each day.
  • Check the weather for where you are going and pack accordingly, but also have a selection clothing for heat, cold and rain.
  • Don’t neglect your toiletries – especially sunscreen, which is important wherever you are travelling and at whatever time of year.
  • Remember to take whatever chargers you may need – your school will let you know their policies on electronics, cameras and phones.
  • Download and print our packing checklist.
Jacqui Shaw - Our Head of Schools and Colleges Battlefield Tours

Expert guidance and planning

Here at Holts, we believe that Battlefield Tours are an important part of how a student learns about history, and perhaps even themselves. We have passion, experience and the knowledge to help make the most of your Battlefield Tour and make it an experience for your students to remember for a lifetime.

Our Head of Schools and Colleges Battlefield Tours, Jacqui Shaw, was educated at Reading and Cambridge, and has worked as a teacher for over 20 years. Inspired to learn more after visiting the Battlefields herself on a school tour, she has been returning ever since and is excited to be able to bring the experience to new generations of students. With Holts, we seek to bring history to life, understand the past, and ensure a memorable and rewarding Battlefield Tour for your students.

To arrange and plan your tour, call us on 01709 385500