Prague – a skyline of turrets and spires

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Prague’s beautiful and romantic skyline of turrets and graceful spires certainly captures the imagination. This historic city has dozens of interesting sites, all within easy reach via underground, tram or bus; alternatively you can wander around the ancient cobbled streets on a guided tour.


Dating back to the 11th century, the bustling Old Town Square has many restaurants, cafés, galleries, museums and shops and is a popular and lively place to visit at any time of year.

For a short haul history and cultural tour, Prague is excellent value for money and has direct flights departing from various regional UK airports.

Prague Castle

The largest ancient castle in the world, this sprawling complex is situated on top of a hill on the left bank of the River Vltava and is one of most visited sites in the city. Contained within the walls is St Vitus Cathedral, a 14th century Gothic structure adorned with numerous fascinating gargoyles, it is worth climbing up the bell tower to see the wonderful views of the castle and Old Town. Every hour, a changing of the guard takes place which always draws a large crowd!

Old Town Square

Dating back to the 11th century, the square was at the crossroads of many important trade routes and served as an important marketplace. Dominated by the massive statue of Jan Hus, the Czech Hussite reformer, today the square is lined with cafés, restaurants, shops, museums and galleries and is a popular and lively meeting place for both visitors and the local population.

Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge

One of the must see sites in Prague is the iconic 13th century Charles Bridge, which crosses the Vltava River and was an important link for the trade routes between east and west. It is considered to be the most beautiful bridges in Europe, owing to its decorative pillars and towers.

Astronomical Clock

One of the oldest and most elaborate clocks ever built, this was first installed in the tower of the Old Town Hall in 1410 and later rebuilt in 1490. The clock is composed of three main compartments: The astronomical dial, which represents the position of the sun and moon; the Walk of the Apostles, an hourly show of Apostles figures and other moving sculptures; and a calendar dial with medallions representing the months.

Jewish Quarter

This is a small area of the city known as Josefov, after the Emperor Josef II, whose reforms helped to ease the living conditions of the Jewish people. Situated between the Old Town Square and the Vltava River, you can walk around it in a day visiting the Jewish Cemetery and Synagogues and see the remains of Prague’s former Jewish Ghetto.

Suggested Itineraries

All tours can be tailor-made to suit your needs. Some groups have specific sites that they wish to visit including graves, where they may wish to lay a wreath. Others like to combine a history tour with some leisure time, such as a day visit to Bruges, a visit to Bellewaerde Theme Park outside Ypres or add on a visit to Disneyland® Paris.

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