Dambusters – 617 Squadron

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By 1943 scientist Barnes Wallis had invented and tested a huge bouncing bomb capable of destroying the great German dams supplying water to the industrial Ruhr valley. A new Squadron, 617, was formed at RAF Scampton and staffed with experienced flyers. This squadron would be led by one of the great bomber pilots, Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC. The scene was set for the most daring and famous air attack carried out by the Royal Air Force in the Second World War – 617 Squadron’s ‘Dambusters’ raid on the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe Dams.

Mohnesee Dam
Mohnesee Dam

Grounded after the dramatic Dambusters raid, for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross, Guy Gibson was killed in a Mosquito flying ‘one last raid’ as a Master Bomber. He lies with his Navigator, Jim Warwick, in Steenbergen cemetery. In May 1943 the British people needed a boost and the Dambusters raid provided that, but the cost of eight Lancaster aircraft (of the 19 taking part) and 58 men. The bombing campaign of the Second World War has created some post war controversy, but the airmen’s attitude can be summed up in one word: Duty.

On this trip, we set the scene with audio and visual aids. The tour follows 617 Squadron aircraft routes, visits the dams, crash sites and the last resting places of the RAF crews. We also pay our respects to the German civilians killed when the dams burst and the torrent poured down the valleys.

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