London & Ipswich – Secret War to Cold War

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Winston Churchill made his historic 'Iron Curtain' speech at Fulton Missouri on the 5th March 1946, which heralded a dangerous new era of Nuclear weapons and Inter- Continental Ballistic Missiles. The Cold war between East and West would last for over 40 years, during which time one rogue leader, or terrible mistake could have triggered a Nuclear Holocaust.

Winston Churchill, London

Perhaps the Arms Race and the delicate Balance of Power worked, as the unimaginable did not happen! Could the Soviet Union afford another great conflict after their huge losses in the Second World War? Was it all a great ruse by the Defence Chiefs and Arms Manufacturers to persuade Governments to spend more on Defence?

It was a time of spies, propaganda, espionage, mistrust and bluff. Bombproof bunkers for the chosen few and buried places of safety to administer the aftermath of Armageddon!

Suggested Itineraries

Day 1

The Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill museum in Whitehall. Lunch break. The Royal Gunpowder Mills at Waltham Abbey. Drive on to Hostel/ Hotel in the Ipswich area. (2 nights)

Day 2

By boat to the Atomic test site on Orfordness (English Heritage) Maximum of 24 people per visit - so do one morning and one afternoon. Parham Air museum and the Second World War 'Secret Resistance Army' museum. Trimley Anti- Aircraft gunsite.

Day 3

Bentwaters American Air Force Base Cold War museum. Lunch break. The Secret Cold war bunker at Kelvedon Hatch. Visit the underground Air Defence Headquarters, Seat of Government, BBC Studios and much more. Return to London area.

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To arrange and plan your tour, call Tracey on 01306 873 571